I am Native American, raised by a single mother and grandmother, not entirely connected to the culture and people of my homeland. I began to set my own goals, work on myself, and forge my own identity. I cultivated my ideas of responsibility while away from and within my home, helping around the house while my mother and grandmother were working. With no supervision, I had to bring myself to the expectations of my family, and even more so when I attended boarding school as I maintained my studies as well as independent living.
This is not my only struggle however, as early in my high school career, I was afflicted with sickness: Pneumonia, which quickly developed Steven-Johnson’s Syndrome. This confined me to a bed for a month in a hospital where every day I had to subject myself to extreme pain to even eat. That month of isolation from all friends and most of my family, along with my growing distance from my studies taught me a great deal of optimism and perseverance as I had to learn lessons without much guidance from teachers. This also instilled within me an ability to learn and comprehend important and valuable topics quickly and employ them just as quickly. I use the same skill now to constantly seek ways to improve and overcome any obstacle I may face. But not only has this incident taught me a great deal of discipline, but also allowed me to press my emotions and anxieties into song and creative outlets, helping to guide me to the path I walk today as a musician and eventual music therapist.
I had begun my musical self-training a few years before this, practicing guitar lightly with a good friend of mine and learning how to play with various YouTube videos. But after this friend left, and I was alone, the isolation and intensity of the situation brought music and, in particular, singing to the forefront. I practiced more and more often until I was able to leave my isolation, and continued, finding solace in it as I had during my time in my emergency room.
These experiences have shaped who I am as an independent, free-thinking, responsible, and creative student. I hope to hold my peers to the same standards, pushing them to succeed when they feel downtrodden, showing the light within the dark, and hopefully granting them the courage and support they need to carry on. Fostering honesty and authenticity as I do so.
These traits, along with the determination, optimism, and discipline learned from my various struggles are those that are quite desired in all working fields, and I shall carry these through any job I may find myself in. In addition, my music training and work will grant me certain creativity that is not found in most other people, a trait that can be invaluable in most fields.

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