Dr. Dan Lutz is a school design specialist with a passion for helping organizations develop learning through a global competency lens. He served in the Teacher Corps and Peace Corps, trained new Peace Corps Volunteers, has been a teacher and principal, taught graduate global education classes, and co-founded a national association of international studies schools and programs.  He designed and directed an international studies magnet program for Denver Public Schools, and subsequently led design teams that created four international studies schools for that district.  He was the first principal of the first of those schools. Those experiences led him to a career focus on the power of school context on what, how, and if students learn.  Dan now consults with district and school leaders to help them accelerate and elevate students’ learning through more effective school design.  He co-founded CO-LEAD International, a non-profit that focuses on training for a new paradigm of global leadership that can adapt, collaborate, and facilitate in organizations facing a future of great global change.

Dan is eager to talk with people about educational design that meets the needs of students whose future is rapidly changing at exponentially increasing speed, and about how students’ learning across all disciplines can be contextualized in developing global competence. His school design framework for equitable, authentic, and potent student learning is structured over seven basic areas which demand tight and interconnected alignment with a strong school mission and vision. The framework implementation facilitates examination of old assumptions on which much of educational practices are still built but are no longer appropriate.

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