Dr. Pinet has over 20 years of experience in three California community colleges plus in a few four-year institutions, and has been involved with Global Education through it all. Through the years, she served in a variety of positions, including serving several years as Vice President of Academic Affairs. She currently serves as Dean of Academic Affairs, Curriculum & Instructional Support, Social & Behavioral Sciences, and Fine Arts. She previously taught at West Valley College, where she was for 14 years and acquired her first five years of experience in college administration.

Dr. Pinet holds business experiences in Health Care Design both in Canada and in the US. She holds a Ph.D. in Architecture, focusing on Environments, Behavior, and Organizational Change paired with bachelors’ degrees in Psychology and Industrial Design. She has served as Executive Boards Member for a variety of organizations, such as the International Journal of Architectural Computing, and the California State Monterey Bay, School of Education. She has lead a number of collaborative partnership efforts, small and large, revolving around Equity, Diversity, and Global Education, such as with the Joint Venture Silicon Valley, Green Building Initiative and the Textbook Access Project.

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