What is your personal story?
My roots and humble beginning started in Moss Point, MS. The bottom of the Mississippi and a block away from the Gulf of Mexico. Coming from a very mixed Southern culture, better known as the “Dirty South”.  My environment handed me many challenges; from being bullied, living in the midst of a high crime rate, and raised by “family”….life was different. Yet, it stimulated my growth. These challenges pushed me to discover my own divine talents, one of which is basketball, something I have loved since I could remember. Basketball was a discovered talent, that helped me discover “talents”. Basketball was my way out of having a troubled life.
What struggles made you strong?
When I started school, there was the “blueprint” label that was attached to me by people, based on my parental situation. So I had to fight through labels and projected assumptions from my peers. I had to stand up for myself throughout school. Being on an island built my character. It gave me perseverance and a sense of purpose. Mainly, the self motivation that I have has gotten me really far. It has been my saving grace and my hope to become the person I am designed to be.
How has the Ambassador Program and the GlobalMindED Leadership Program influenced your professional path?
I joined this program this past year. I attended the GlobalMindED conference in 2019. It left an everlasting impression on me. This Student Ambassador program has inspired and motivated my professional path. I always had a dream on how I want my career path to go; the Ambassador program fueled that dream. What influenced me the most was the humble beginnings of most of the entrepreneurs. I was able to familiarize and identify with many of them. It showed me that my struggles don’t determine my future and that I am just as deserving as the next person.
What are your biggest passions in life?
My biggest passion is becoming a professional basketball player. The pandemic brought on unfortunate circumstances to where I had to put my aspiration on pause. It isn’t the end for me though – just a bump in the road that I have to work around. I have had this dream since I was a toddler. I have dedicated years of my life to this beautiful craft. When it’s God given, it is a craft in my eyes. I trained this recent summer with a professional trainer. It was one of the best experiences ever! I plan to keep my options open if there is a chance thrown my way.
What do you look forward to most in your life after school?
I look forward to becoming an athletic trainer while I play pro ball. I look forward to doing both at the same time. I want to join a graduate program so I can get my certification. Most importantly I look forward to a stable happy life. I want to have emotional and mental stability. I feel this is so important to have a sound mind and vision for your career and life. Mental health is so important to me. It is a must that you have a sense of stability to complete any and all of your endeavors.

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