Brittany Lee is a Veteran Peer Mentor and Half-Time Student at Arapahoe Community College in Littleton, CO. Brittany spends her time interacting with students, encouraging and tutoring veteran students, while taking courses to become a Nurse Aide in the Pre-Nursing Program in preparation for nursing school. She is also the Vice President of the Student Government Association, Vice President of the Honors in Action annual community project in Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society, and a Presidential Member of the National Society of Leadership and Success Honor Society. Recently, Brittany published her first article, entitled “Contagion: Viral Misinformation in the Age of the Measles Resurgence,” in The Arapahoe Pinnacle and was a top 5 winner of the Annual Writing Competition at ACC for her essay, “The End of the Line: A Fish’s Eye View of Ocean Habitat Conservation.” Education, altruism, integrity, and family are her core values, and she desires to become a competent and impactful Research Nurse, writing grant proposals and helping to make healthcare better for patients and healthcare workers. Every morning, she gets up with a vision of community betterment in mind and actively researches how to make mental health easier to access at her college. For her and her peers in the PTK honor society, that is their main mission and lifeblood this year. Outside of school and work, she is engaged to William and is a mother to Oliver, a 15-month-old baby boy. In her free time, she enjoys taking Oliver to Denver’s Children’s Museum. She is originally from rural Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania and intends to travel there this year to spend time with family. She aims to become a part-time Zumba instructor and share her enthusiasm for physical fitness and the art of dance.

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