My name is Betelhem Tewodros Taye. I was born and raised in 06 Jijiga, Ethiopia, an east African nation riddled with tribal conflict and political instability. Growing up was difficult. Education was rare and opportunities were limited, and any speck of relief was space. Ethiopia was and still is my home, but the conditions we lived in made it so that I was not able to move up the ladder of successes and make something out of myself. As a kid, I did not understand these complex issues I lived in. I did not understand that me being a female in a conflict-ridden country was at a disadvantage compared to my male counterparts. I grew up poor and disadvantaged. My parents separated at age two, and I had to go live with grandmother for a while until my dad can get well situated in the U.S. All the troubles I went through made me who I am today. I came to the united states when I was 11 and the day; I came to this country is when everything changed. I learned a new language got used to a new living environment even though it was hard; I got used to it. I always had dreams and aspirations to have a better future thanks to the effort of my dad and my grandma I was able to start on my journey to better education and build myself. Throughout my educational journey, I always sought to have high education standards because I believe that education is the only things that can transform someone’s mindset and life. I decided to major in Computer Science because it brings opportunities to a third world country and it is the future language that will link all the countries together.

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