A descendant of the family of Sir William Wallace (“Braveheart”), that Bartlett is a passionate defender of and fighter for freedom and liberty is hardly surprising. Understanding that he is a relentless tinkerer helps a person understand why he is enamored with innovation, and why he was chosen to lead the ALEC innovation initiatives.

A known thought leader, writer and speaker on all issues of communications, technology and innovation, he has spent his entire public policy career in the technology and innovation space. A research fellow with the Institute for Policy Innovation, Bartlett also serves on the Internet Education Foundation Board of Directors.

Growing up simply and living most of his life outside of the Washington bubble, he understands the effect of government on people and the advantages of freedom and liberty. Prior to joining ALEC, he spent many years in the world of public policy think tanks, technology trade associations, social welfare organizations and on Capitol Hill.

He served as Senator John Ashcroft’s technology counsel from 1996 to 1998, and from 1998 to 2000, he worked for Americans for Tax Reform as technology and policy counsel, and advised Commissioner Grover G. Norquist on the Advisory Committee on Electronic Commerce. He was one of the primary U.S. Senate staff driving the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (a comprehensive update to the copyright laws), the Internet Tax Freedom Act, as well as encryption and “supercomputer” export controls. He worked on all legislation before the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding copyright during his Hill tenure. Later he represented the software industry handling a variety of copyright issues including open source and proprietary challenges, and a variety of tax and finance issues particular to the software industry. In addition, he served as the tax counsel for the Information Technology Association of America and TechAmerica, as well as the Regional VP of Texas.

Bartlett graduated from Millikin University with a B.S. in philosophy and business administration. He received his Masters of Business Administration, as well as his law degree with a specialization in international and comparative law, from St. Louis University. He is admitted to the Missouri bar.

Bartlett’s decades of work in public policy have been informed by his broad array of work and education outside of traditional public policy channels. Whether relying on his business background of MBA, work at a human resources consulting firm or as a CEO, he seeks to make every policy debate relevant to what happens to real people and to real business.

When not found on the soccer sidelines or in the softball stands cheering his girls to victory, Bartlett can be found in the kitchen attempting to perfect his grandma’s German, pastry and American country cooking recipes; admiring pop art of the late 50’s and early 60’s; or planning the next vacation with his wife.

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