Bambi Lorica, MD, is a holistic pediatrician and a noted community advocate. Subspecializing in energy medicine, she is a member of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Recognized for medical diplomacy, she supports and has been a key player in numerous humanitarian endeavors. A classically trained lyric soprano, she has performed in prestigious venues globally and has co-produced a couple of critically acclaimed films.

A founding partner of AuraStrat PA LLC, Bambi is responsible for developing a professional network of business referrals for European and North American companies expanding globally to the Philippines. An environmental and peace advocate, she works quietly to bring key players together to help come up with non-traditional soft power solutions to the complex situation in the Pacific region.

As EVP for Corporate Social Responsibility of American Esports, she works closely with the executive team to achieve AE’s goals, institutionalize healthy practices, and establish a culture of social responsibility  across the entire organization. She also  initiates development strategies and overseas the American Esports Cares foundation for which she is President.

As a member of the Executive Advisory Council of the Filipina Women’s Network, she is committed to uplifting the Filipina image globally and helping end domestic violence everywhere. A mother of four, Bambi’s passion includes singing, ballroom dancing, gourmet cooking and painting. Her other interests include organic farming, sustainability and renewable energy development.

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