Ann Kaiser is the founder of ProjectEngin LLC, a STEM Education consulting firm dedicated to the inclusion of Engineering Design in K-12 classrooms. She is a former engineer and educator with over 30 years of experience. Following an award-winning teaching career, Ann has spent the past five years providing professional development and curriculum support to schools and educators interested in using Engineering Design thinking and practices to frame active, project-based learning. In addition to her ongoing workshop commitments, she has presented at numerous national and international conferences. Ann’s innovative work with ProjectEngin led to the company being named the 2017 Small Business Administration Microenterprise of the Year for the New England Region.

Ann’s Engineering experience in product and market development in the metals industry lead her to value creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving skills as much as technical knowledge. As an educator, she worked extensively to include more inquiry and project-based learning in math and physics classes. In 2010, she designed and implemented a successful Engineering Design elective that has since been adopted by numerous schools. It introduces students to the creative potential of Engineering as both a problem-solving process and a potential career path.

In 2013, Ann was named a Fulbright Distinguished Teacher and spent six months in Singapore researching Engineering Design performance tasks and projects in secondary Physics. In 2014, as a Top Overseas Teacher, she was an invited speaker at a biannual conference hosted by the Academy of Singapore Teachers, Ministry of Education.

Ann’s work is primarily aimed at in-service/post-degree training and instruction for practicing teachers. She has conducted seminars on STEM and STEAM for the Institute for Catholic Schools Curriculum Leadership Team program at St. John’s University. Ann has also presented at the Design Science Symposium hosted by the Rhode Island School of Design. As a Fulbright researcher in Singapore, she was able to conduct action research on the impact of Engineering Design projects and performance tasks on content understanding and support of skills development in secondary physics. Her peer-reviewed work was published by IEEE/ASEE in the proceeding of the Frontiers of Education conference (2014). Ann has been an invited panelist at a National Academy of Engineering Convocation on Teacher Preparation for K-12 Engineering, and she has delivered keynote speeches at national and international conferences on STEM education. She has also worked with professional associations to better focus their outreach efforts and she is on the advisory board of Global Women in Tech.

Ann holds a B.S. in Engineering from Columbia University. As an International Fellow at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs, she earned a master’s degree in International Affairs, with a focus on technology transfer. Her book, Designing the Future: How Engineering Builds Creative Critical Thinkers in the Classroom, is available from Solution Tree Press and Amazon.

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