Andres is an International Negotiator standing out in his professional profile in areas such as research, communication plans, marketing, critical thinking, negotiation strategies, logistics, leadership, market research and finance. As an international business student, he is trained in technical and personal skills.

Andres is a participant of Mexico Trade Mission (2019) for the internationalization of the company Duela Limitada related to market research, logistics costs and electronic business. In the area of research, Andres participated in the hotbed of communications and behavioral economics. In addition, he is a research intern in the virtual academic stay of the XVV summer of the scientific and Technological research of the Pacific at the Polytechnic University of Tecámac (Mexico). Young undergraduate researcher in the social practices of Peace and Competitiveness online research modality of Sustainable Regional Development research. When it comes to personal development, he has been involved in writers and theater groups to improve teamwork and interaction skills. In turn, university mentor, program created by the Ministry of Education for the integration to the Universitaria life. He is also interested in psychological issues, Embajador of mental health at the UAM.  Andres is an analytical person, responsible, empathic, tolerant, persevering and with a high humanistic level; he would also like to thank the Commission for the work he has taken on this subject. Theatre winner at UAM Fest 2020.

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