Ana Hanhausen was recently awarded the Youth Medal of Merit by Mexico City’s Congress for her record in raising awareness on climate change and motivating the youth to take action and become a part of the solution. Through her work and experience, she has gained the capacity to understand the youth’s perspectives on the challenges we face today.  This has forged her ability to cooperate with people coming from diverse backgrounds and countries.

Ana recently graduated with honors as a Chemical Engineer from Mexico City’s Iberoamerican University. Since 2018, she has collaborated with Plastic Oceans Mexico, which is part of an international organization working to minimize plastic pollution in the ocean. In March of 2020, she began collaborating on the POP Movement’s POP Ocean Initiative, which aims to educate, mentor and support youth-led marine conservation projects.

Ana has participated as both speaker and organizer of events and activities to raise awareness on global environmental issues, including the International Sustainability Congress at her university (2017 and 2019) and the World Sustainable Development Forum in 2020, where she presented the perspective of youth on the urgent need for climate action.

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