Rynn Sango is originally from Colorado Springs but grew up in Metro Denver. Rynn has two kids, a sophomore and senior who attend Eaglecrest High School, and is married. Rynn has recently received her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Metropolitan State University. She is a first-generation college student, former kinship provider, and has personal experiences with many systems that sparked her passion for serving the community.

She has a strong commitment to helping others improve their life circumstances and how they perceive their self-worth. She holds a high belief that all people have the power to change and mold their situations into whatever they want them to be. Maximizing others potential by empowering and inspiring them to be their best through skill- building and intrinsic motivation are top priority to her. Community collaboration and engagement will always be a part of her plan of action for advocacy. Rynn holds over ten years working with children and families through programs like Jeffco Head Start and SafeCare Colorado as a parent support provider. Rynn was able to move into a position as a Program Director of The Family Tree-GOALS program, where she partnered with families who were experiencing homelessness and assisted them as they began their path to self-sufficiency. Rynn has currently moved into a position as the Vice President of Housing and Employment with Family Tree where she will be supporting the homelessness, connections and employment programs.

Rynn has contributed to Aspen Ascend Institute conferences and various frameworks around 2gen and student-parent success, child support commission board, Preschool Advisory board,

Inclusiveness committee, Chair of parent advisory board for Jeffco Prosperity Partners and civic engagement. She is current member and officer of the NAACP Branch of Aurora and has recently joined the board for a community program called MetroDEEP, which focuses on increasing the social, economic and well-being within communities of African descent. At Family Tree, she has taken many leadership roles to continue conversations and efforts on diversity, equity and inclusion.

Rynn enjoys laughter, being outdoors and art.

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