Born and raised in Rome, Georgia, I come from humble beginnings in a hardworking family of all trades, although I am the first to pursue college. College was something I initially imagined only a certain class of person attended, but I was able to attend and achieve a degree and other accolades I never knew existed. I graduated from Georgia Highlands College with my Associate in Psychology in the spring of 2022, and I am now in route to pursuing a degree in Health Care Management. As I grow into myself and explore my interests, working with children feels that I’m serving my purpose. What I currently plan on doing with my degree is social work, although I remain open to opportunities. I strive to be a leader in every aspect of my life and I’ve been grateful to achieve what I’ve done in the time frame I’ve had. Some of these accolades include Georgia Highlands College Service Award, Dean’s List of 21-22, Foundation Camp Leader of the Year, The 100 Black Men Mentee of the Year, and of course, the GlobalMindED First Gen Student Leadership Program.

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