As a human resources executive and people leader, Louie┬átruly loves applying his combination of business acumen and passion for people to help employees live their best lives in the workplace while supporting businesses to┬áleverage collective human value. The primary function of HR is to promote an environment where people and businesses can both thrive. With a diverse personal background in the Latinx, LGBTQIA+, and Veteran communities, Louie understands the calculus of a workplace that is equitable and encouraging for people from all walks of life. He leads with empathy, encouraging and modeling open communication, professional transparency, integrity, accountability, and a growth mindset.With experience across a wide range of industries (healthcare, education, defense, tech, adult beverage, and quick service restaurants/QSR) and business models (public and private, large and small companies), Louie offers a successful, industry-agnostic track record of supporting organizations through scaling and growth while maximizing return on investment (ROI). In particular, he deeply enjoys people/data analytics and helping organizations to make data-driven decisions based on business intelligence. He also loves exploring the confluence of people and technology and has advised private equity, venture capital, and advisory groups on human resources management software and platforms (HRMS, HCMS, HRIS, ATS, LMS, BI), and other areas of HR and business management.Louie’s leadership offers emotional intelligence, executive presence, and effective communication skills across all audiences. He enjoys serving as an active speaker and panelist at various conferences and seminars, both in the HR industry and in other areas of interest. He values networking and any opportunity in which he can learn and share ideas. He is committed to success and knows that the path is not always linear. He strives to approach each situation with ambition, humility, and a dedication to consistently learn and grow in his field.

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