Dr. Laurie Moroco has always been an advocate of competent and effective communication which she believes equips people with tools for successful personal and professional relationships. She obtained a BA in communication and public relations, an MA in Corporate Communication and a PhD in Interpersonal Communication and Ethics from Duquesne  University.

Being a lifelong learner, she dove into higher education and became a full-time tenured faculty member and chair of the Communication department at a college in western Pennsylvania. She was instrumental in building a 5-million-dollar media center on campus. She is now an Assistant Dean of Instruction at a college in Colorado, a professor, a certified master business strategist, a corporate leadership trainer, and a working mom of four children.

Always believing in combining theory with action, Dr. Moroco has entrepreneurial roots and started her own business called Haute Choklet. She was a solopreneur who achieved success when her chocolate covered handmade treats appeared on the Rachel Ray show and at the Republican National Convention. Her businesses have been featured on MSN and Working Mother.

She wanted it all (a family, an educator, a published author, and a female business owner) and through hard work, perseverance and desire, she got it all. Laurie is passionate about mentoring other entrepreneurs and encouraging them to ELEVATE their success to the next level.

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