Dr. Kimberly Davis is currently serving in the capacity of Assistant Principal. Instructional Facilitator. She attained a Bachelor of Science in Biology; a Master of Arts in Secondary Education; and a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership with an emphasis in Organizational Development. Dr. Davis has 12 years of experience in the field of education. Throughout her career in education, she has served disadvantaged scholars at the middle and high school level in Tennessee, Arkansas, and New York. Dr. Davis now serves as an Assistant Principal in New York for the middle school at the renowned Green Tech High Charter School.

Throughout her career, she has received recognition for her ability to improve student academic achievement. Dr. Davis’ passion for education is fueled by her effectiveness in increasing student academic achievement through her expertise in effective planning and implementation of best practices. She specializes in identifying gaps in instructional preparation and delivery and then formulating a plan that emphasizes appropriate planning methods, effective methodologies, and rigor driven teaching strategies. Dr. Davis also specializes in teacher preparation and new teacher training to ensure teachers have a solid foundation to effectively serve their students.

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