As a Pueblo native raised on a four-generation family farm, I can speak firsthand of the definition of innovation and integrity.  As a first-generation college student, I obtained my doctorate degree in leadership and human relations. Through these experiences, my greatest strength is the ability to form strong trusting working relationships with our partners. As CEO of GlobalED Solutions, Inc / Public Benefit Corporation, we are committed to providing innovative, effective, efficient solutions, invigorating customer service, and utilizing business as a force to help humankind in every action that we take.  Every student of GlobalED Solutions is assigned to an Enrichment Life Coach (ELC), whose primary focus is to build relationships, inspire, advocate, and tutor our students, regardless of where they reside or their home situation. Our processes and career pathways have afforded thousands of students and hundreds of communities to disrupt generations of high school drop-outs by creating life-changing opportunities that lend themselves to a renewed vein for our students, families, and communities.

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