• From North Carolina to California, I have lived in 10 different cities within 7 different states. I primarily grew up in St. Petersburg, Florida, and lived in Memphis, Tennessee for many years.  Yes, great music and great barbeque come from Memphis.
  • My professional experience has taught me many things over time and includes 15 years in the corporate world and 15+ years in education.
  • My professional experience in the corporate world consisted of working for two Fortune 500 companies and has been in three different industries: global transportation, corporate retail, and manufacturing. Within these industries, I have worked in a variety of accounting/financial related positions as well as human resources.
  • My professional experience in education has been extensive and broadly consisted of working for grants, as a trainer for an early childhood grant, a program coordinator, and as a faculty member.
  • I was a first generation, non-traditional student before those identifiers were commonly used, so I understand many of the battles that are faced as a first generation and non-traditional student. During my second time to go to school, I was a single mom.  All of this is what drives me to want to help others as I believe we should authentically support each other in this life.
  • Above all else, I value integrity. I believe all things flow from integrity.
  • I love being outdoors, gardening, playing the piano, creating things, and traveling. My favorite place to be is in Alaska – especially in the winter time.

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