2022 GlobalMindED Conference

June 22-24, 2022

Sheraton Denver Downtown 

Thought leaders from business, government and education will present on a wide range of topics, including, but not limited to as part of the 100+ sessions:

• College Presidents: Transforming Higher Education Into Inclusive, Equitable Experiences for All

• Mental Health, Wellness and Self-Care for educators and students

• How emerging technologies can close the digital divide made worse by COVID

• Building an inclusive workforce pipeline from school to career

• Climate change and energy equity

• Urban and rural leadership models growing a diverse talent pipeline

• Developing Personal and Professional Skills for Diverse Leadership

• STEM Leaders Driving Cross-Disciplinary DEI Success Outcomes

• Building the Gap Between Higher Education and Corporate Needs

• Tackling the Global Risks Indicators: Social Erosion, Livelihood Loss, Mental Illness

• Higher Education and Experiences that Launch Careers

• Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable: What HED Leaders Need to Know for Inclusive Success

• Experiences that Boost Education: Apprenticeships, Internships, Leadership, Entrepreneurship

• Equity for Future Ready K-12 Grads: NAF Leaders Emerging COVID Strong

• State Policies and Indigenous Educational Sovereignty

• Elevating Community College Transfer Success: Insuring Equitable Opportunity

• How can On-Line Assessment be More GlobalMindED?

• Escape Rooms for Project Based Education

• OneHE and UNESCO: Cultivating the Global OER Library- K-12 Open Resources

• Using the Sustainable Development Goals to meet our ELL Requirements

• Thinking Outside the Box for Student Success: Innovative Academic Programs

• Developing Personal and Professional Skills for Diverse Leadership

• Taking Charge: Leadership Mindsets Break Barriers for African American/Latino Men in College

• Creating High Touch Workplace Environments in a Touchless Era: Strategies to Boost Belonging

• Creating Equity Through Student Success Coaches and Peer Success Coaches

• Students Solving the Water Crisis Building Work Skills: Community Led Solutions

• Equity Impacts of Multiple Measures for College Placement

• Fall Forward Faster and Fearlessly: Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

• How can We Build Back Marginalized Communities Through Circular Economies?

• Motivating Students When Things Fall Apart

• How Can STEM Students with Disabilities Pursue Careers in a Virtual Environment

• Recruiting and Retaining Racially Diverse Talent

• Equity for Learning How to Learn

• DEI, Social Justice, and the Future of Work: Insights from Global LBGTQIA Leadership

• Preserving and Amplifying Your Identity in College and Career: Finding Your Voice

• Breaking Barriers in Engineering and STEM for Diverse STEM Students

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Thursday, June 23 - Friday, June 24
Idea Café
Track Panels
Deeper Dives
Problem-Solving Labs
Global Classrooms